A Dutch Beauty 2-6/21

It took a little while to update my”A Dutch Beauty 1790.”
I feel I would quit if I stop stitching this chart…(^^;)

I stitched to the left side of the charts.
Dutch beauty1
So far, 6 pages are stitched! 15 pages to go…
Usually I pick a one  project and SAL at the same time and stitch the small project occasionally.
Since this project is huge, I am not planning to stitch small ones.
It may be difficult for me to stitch it again if I take a break from this. Who knows?!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I made a small vegetable garden.
Unfortunately, due to the one frozen weather, all the vegetable plants are dead 😦
I can’t believe it! It’s the middle of May.
Well, I need to get more vegetable plants.

Thanks for reading and Happy Stitching!!


Around the world in 80 Stitches by Papillon Creations

I’ve participated in SAL ” Around the World in 80 stitches” by Papillon Creations.
This is the first time to join her SAL, but I had stitched one of her mystery chart on
the Gift of Stitching magazine. It was amazing chart, too!
This SAL ” Around the World in 80 Stitches” is already published part 11.
Many colors and many stitches, they bring a beautiful art work!
I love simple design, and not busy colors.
However, the design of Papillon Creation is different.
Her designs expanded my interest in stitches/embroidery.
papillon SAL
Every part contains different stitches.
This part has Japanese stitch, Japanese Darning Stitch, and Victoria Stitch( presented as Australia.)
Papillon SAL


Permin of Copenhagen

I’ve been thinking to stitch something big.
One day, one of my blog friend updated her stitch and
introduced it. I quickly decided it as my project!

“A Dutch Beauty 1790” by permin of copenhagen.
Stitch count: 390 x 630
Fabric: 40ct Linen
This is big project. It has 21 pages, and I finished 2 pages so far.
Well, I don’t need to pick other project a little while and hope to finish it up some day. lol.

As my home project, I’ve painted a small hallway.
It is not hard…. The hardest part for me  is a spring cleaning.
My room is filled with cross stitching stuffs, my kid’s school papers, and more papers .
At this point, I have no idea how or where I start…
My husband gives me an assignment  to clean one section every morning,,,
Otherwise I will sit down on the couch and stitch forever (^^;)

Well, that’s all for today.
Happy Stitching!


Pin Cushions

It’s still chilly in Michigan, but it’s spring ! Yapee~!!
This year, my husband and I have a couple big  projects
such as finishing our basement and painting.
It means I need to do a serious spring cleaning…oh, boy…
Because of that, I didn’t have much stitching time last few weeks.

I finished the Lazy Alphabet by La-Da-Da.

“Lazy Alphabets” by La-Da-Da
Fabric: 36ct. Linen  1 over 2   Thread: DMC

The frame was made by my husband who loves woodworking.
He made it a couple years ago. He is my personal frame maker/ handyman!!
The finished cross stitch fits in perfectly (^^)

I also finished up a little pin cushion.
This is all sides of pin cushion. ↓
(All words on sides are from the words of original chart. Except one side)
pin cushion2
Using whip- stitch…

pin 2
Here it is!

pin cushionThese are one my favorite style of pin cushions.
They have 4 sides and I put flax seeds inside.
Compare to making a regular pin cushion without sides,it takes more time to make.

Here is a little cute chameleons. I found a free chart from Cybersittchers.com
IMG_1845-1Chameleon by Barbara Ana
Now,,, I will start a new big project!
Happy Stitching!!

Fun Stitch 001- Freebie

Most of the time, I enjoy stitching more than creating own chart.
Sometimes, I do playing with cross-stitching tool for charts,
but  I don’t finish and erase it.
Here is the one of my chart I made.

Fun stitch

funstitch001  – Download free chart.

This is kind of color play.
I was  learning the tool I used and playing with color.
At this time, I didn’t think of any motif, and came with my imagination.
Stitching is fun but creating is harder than I though…
I really respect the cross-stitch designers !

The Prairie Schooler

The Prairie Schooler is one of my favorite designers.
Her old “The three pigs” design brought me into the cross-stitch world 🙂

I’ve been working on the new chart”The Three Pigs” for last few weeks,
and finished it!

PS three pigs

I loved her little humor on her design. A little piggy flew away~.
This flying piggy is my new favorite character.


I’ll make a scissor-fob with this someday.

Since I have finished the one project, I planed to stitch a bigger design.
Ordered fabrics,,,, and not arrived yet.
It’s not a good idea to waste my valuable hobby time,,,
so I picked the small charts.


La-Da-Da ~ Lazy Alphabets

According to the charts, it ‘s suggested to use one thread over two threads on 35ct Linen.
I used my 36ct linen and stitch 1 over 2 but it’s gappy Xs.
I realized the suggested fabric ( WDW 35ct) is more dense than other linens.
Oh, well,,, I’ll keep stitching anyway.

Here is another small stitch for my pin cushion.
It’s super tiny.
At the middle of stitching, I regretted to used 36ct. Linen.
Most of the motifs are stitched 1 over 1….
Phew, I was soooo glad to pick the small chart.

Pineberry Lane

Well, this is an actual first post in English.
It took time more than I thought.
It will be good practice to write in English 🙂

Happy Stitching,

Today is another new day.

Hi, Stitchers!

Thank you for visiting my blog.

I have been blogging for a couple years.

It is exactly same as this blog, but it’s in Japanese.


Recently, I have some visitors who are non-Japanese speakers.

I have noticed the translate tool doesn’t work good enough,

so I decide to create another blog which is mainly in English.

Of course, I’m not a native English speaker and

you’ll see my writing doen’t sound right.

However, you’ll understand my blog easier than the translate tool (^^)


I hope you to enjoy my blog.